A Taste of Trempealeau

A Taste of Trempealeau

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Donations Policy


Title: Gifts and Donations

Effective: June 1, 2005

Revised: October 2008, June 2015, May 2019

Gifts of Materials:

While we appreciate the generosity and thoughtfulness of donors, the library is unable to accept all donations due to space restrictions. The Director and staff may accept donations for the library collection or the Friends of the Trempealeau Library book sales. Materials donated to the library become the property of the library. Any unsold items will be donated to other institutions, and when necessary, discarded. Those giving the donations are responsible for bringing the items into the building for review and taking back any that are refused. The library will not appraise the value of donated materials, though it can provide an acknowledgment of receipt of the items if requested by the donor.

Author and publisher donations will be vetted by the Library Director.

Memorial Gifts:

Monetary donations in memory or honor of someone are appreciated. Specific memorial books will be ordered for the collection by request of a patron as long as they meet the criteria of the materials selection policy. Book selection will be made by the Director if no specific book is requested.

Acknowledgements will be sent to the donor and to the family of the honoree. Items purchased with these donations will contain a bookplate with the donor’s and honoree’s names.

Other Monetary Gifts:

Monetary gifts are accepted and used to enhance the Library services or the collection. A donor’s specific request for use of the monetary donation will be honored if practically possible but cannot be guaranteed. Undesignated gifts over $500 will be deposited in the Library Gift Fund, under the control of the Library Board of Trustees.

Donations of Decorative or Display Objects

No gift will be accepted by the Library unless it is freely given to the extent that the Library may:

Dispose of the gift as it sees fit.
Store or move the gift.

The following points must be considered by the Library staff and trustees before accepting a gift of this kind:

Does it conform to the general architecture of the building?
Will it fit comfortably into the space provided?

Is the object appropriate to the Library objectives?

What is the cost in accepting the gift, including cost of insurance, restoration, display, maintenance, storage?

Is it generally acceptable to the Board?

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